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After a difficult road and many months of therapy Anu is walking again!

After a difficult road and many months of therapy Anu is walking again!

Anu Regmi standing on her own in front of the "Dare to Dream House"

Anu standing on her own for the first time in many years

Fifteen year-old Anu was injured in a bus accident in Nepal.  She suffered the loss of her left leg as well as severe nerve damage to her right arm and leg.  She is currently staying at the GMRF “Dare To Dream House,” while she is being fitted for a prosthetic leg.  She will also undergo surgery to repair the nerve damage in her arm and will receive rehab therapy for her other leg.  When she returns home, doctors expect that she will be able to walk and attend school, which she says misses “very much.”

Previously confined to a wheelchair, she had not walked since the accident in March of 2013. She says that she is excited that she will soon be able to walk to school with her friends again.  Due to complications and the need for extensive treatments, she received several months of care from GMRF.  When she grows up, Anu aspires to become a nurse at home in Nepal.


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