Starting Back and Giving Back!

Stephanie Olcay – Atlanta, GA

I recently decided I wanted to get more involved with charity work, but with a full-time job, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to pursue (other than the usual monetary donations to several animal rescue, breast cancer awareness, and other organizations). I started researching many charitable organizations, but none caught my attention and really struck a chord with me as much as Global Medical Relief Fund did. The timing was incredible!

I had been researching organizations for months.  One evening my husband and I were flipping through the t.v. channels and we landed on CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes”.  It just so happened that the topic was charitable organizations.  They talked a lot about large, well-known organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation among others.  At the end of the segment was an interview with Elissa Montanti, the founder of Global Medical Relief Fund and the story of one of the children they helped.  That very night I sent GMRF an email to get more information. I was searching for an smaller organization with a focus specifically on children. Continue Reading…

Bracelets for a cause.  One Child At A Time –