Youth community service – Notre Dame 6th grade students donate hand made blankets

Notre Dame Academy Elementary 6th Grade Class brings warmth to our “Dare to Dream Home.”

Notre Dame students meeting with the GMRF children

The sixth grade students from Notre Dame Academy Elementary colored our day happy with blankets they made for our children. The colorful blankets will become our children’s lucky charms while undergoing treatment.

We are most thankful to Ms. Bernadette Pecora and her class for embracing our mission and making our children feel part of our community.

After a difficult road and many months of therapy Anu is walking again!

After a difficult road and many months of therapy Anu is walking again!

Anu Regmi standing on her own in front of the "Dare to Dream House"

Anu standing on her own for the first time in many years

Fifteen year-old Anu was injured in a bus accident in Nepal.  She suffered the loss of her left leg as well as severe nerve damage to her right arm and leg.  She is currently staying at the GMRF “Dare To Dream House,” while she is being fitted for a prosthetic leg.  She will also undergo surgery to repair the nerve damage in her arm and will receive rehab therapy for her other leg.  When she returns home, doctors expect that she will be able to walk and attend school, which she says misses “very much.”

Previously confined to a wheelchair, she had not walked since the accident in March of 2013. She says that she is excited that she will soon be able to walk to school with her friends again.  Due to complications and the need for extensive treatments, she received several months of care from GMRF.  When she grows up, Anu aspires to become a nurse at home in Nepal.


Healing the world: Anu undergoes successful surgery – Another display of corporate and private generosity

Anu undergoes successful surgery – Another display of corporate and private generosity


Anu having her cast removed by Dr Kozin at the “Shriners hospital for Children”.

Anu is now recovering after she braved a surgery for both her arm and leg . She will stay casted for three weeks and than undergo therapy. We are all looking forward for her to stand and walk proud on her own and to be able to feel her fingers again.

We have only the  Shriners, and you, our donors to thank!

Second Annual “Children Helping Children” Fundraiser – Hosted by Emilie Hoffer Brzezinski & Mika Brzezinski

Second Annual “Children Helping Children” Fundraiser

Hosted by Emilie Hoffer Brzezinski & Mika Brzezinski

We have reached yet another milestone, thanks to Emilie Hoffer-Brzezinski, and her mom Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC Morning Joe! They gathered their friends and family to host a fundraiser that we will never forget!

Mr. Richard Mines, owner of WB Wood kicked off the night and Mika called upon her friends to help our mission. Among them, Arianna Huffington, Donny Deutsch, Gail King and many other generous guests. The surprise of the night came from Mika’s co-host Joe Scarborough! He donated $10,000 to our cause in honor of Emilie. But the fun and surprises did not stop there, Vanity Fair caricature renowned artist, Robert Risko delighted our guests with his talents!

CHC FundraiserCHC Fundraiser-22CHC Fundraiser-5

As our GMRF children sang, Don’t Let the Sun go Down on Me by Elton John and George Michael, Mika and Emilie urged their friends to help our global family and thanks to their eagerness to help those who are less fortunate, we will now be able to help 10 children from around the world and home within the next six months!

We are forever thankful to WB Wood and the Mines family for sponsoring the night. Natalie, you are our angel!

CHC Fundraiser-21     CHC Fundraiser-11








MDC Partners, Goldman & Sachs, Bloomberg, Bank of America, Cosmopolitan, NY Jets, The Donald Trump Foundation and the Wilpon Family Foundation were among our generous donors. FilmAnnex was in the house to interview our guest, we are so thankful to Mr. Francesco Rulli.

The generosity of everyone in attendance and other supporters to our fundraiser has been nothing short of a MIRACLE!

CHC Fundraiser-21  CHC Fundraiser-23  CHC Fundraiser-20  CHC Fundraiser-17  CHC Fundraiser-18 CHC Fundraiser-19  CHC Fundraiser-16  CHC Fundraiser-15   CHC Fundraiser-12  CHC Fundraiser-11  CHC Fundraiser-10  CHC Fundraiser-9  CHC Fundraiser-8 CHC Fundraiser-3  CHC Fundraiser-4  CHC Fundraiser-6  CHC Fundraiser-7


American youth helping young victims through volunteer work – Boy Scout with Troop 2 donates and builds a shed for GMRF

American youth helping young victims through volunteer work

Shed Building-1

During the summer, Matthew Trimmer, a Boy Scout with Troop 2 from Immanuel Union Church, Westerleigh approached  our founder, Elissa Montanti, of Global Medical Relief Fund about doing a service project in order for him to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouts. He was inspired to do so after his mother Susan, a teacher, was involved in a fundraiser for the charity at her school, P.S. 22. Elisa explained to Matthew that their house was bursting at the seams and needed storage space. Matt realized that building a storage shed would be the perfect project if he could come up with the necessary funds.

Shed Building-2

While discussing his idea with his neighbor Tim Sullivan, a member of  North Central  Kiwanis Club, Tim suggested, Matt speak to his club seeking their assistance.  The club members forged together and raised $1,000 towards the project.

Shed Building-3

Kiwanis members, Frank and Marco Loffreno of Loffreno  Landscape and Contracting  offered their services laying a concrete slab as the foundation for the shed to lay on.  Along with generous donations from Gil Ross of Ace Hardware on Forest Ave, Matt’s project was becoming a reality.

Shed Building-4

On Columbus Day, Matt with the assistance of 7 other scouts and Ahmed, one GMRF kids, set out to build the shed.  By the end of the day, GMRF had a brand new shed sitting in their backyard freeing up much needed space!

Shed Building-5

Waad returns to Iraq with his new prosthetic leg

Little Waad returned home with a new prosthetic leg. We give thanks to our partners-in-effort – Shriners Children’s hospital for making this operation possible.
Saying goodbye is never easy for us, but we hold hope in seeing Waad on his next trip to USA for continued treatment. We wish them a safe trip to Iraq. Until next time, so long sweet Waad!